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Ben Spies Jadi Tandem Lorenzo Tahun Depan

Kepindahan Rossi ke Ducati menyisakan 1 jok kosong di Tim Pabrikan Yamaha, jadi Yamaha bakal menunjuk 1 pembalap untuk mengisi kekosongan jok Tim Pabrikan Yamaha sekaligus menjadi suksesor Valentino Rossi di tahun depan. Siapakah dia?

Tak perlu lama-lama mikirin siapa yang bakal menunggangi M1 tim pabrikan tahun depan karena sejak jauh hari sudah banyak dibicarakan di lingkungan motogp siapa yang bakal menjadi tandem Lorenzo di tim pabrikan Yamaha. Hanya satu nama, BEN SPIES, ya, dialah akan menjadi pembalap tim pabrikan Yamaha sekaligus menjadi amunisi pendamping Lorenzo. Ben Spies resmi “naik kelas” setelah mengkonfirmasi masa depannya di Sirkuit Indianapolis kemarin.

Berikut pernyataan Lin Jarvis, penggedenya Yamaha Racing “We’re delighted that Ben will join the factory team for next season,” terus “Ben has shown great promise in his first ten MotoGP races. He has learnt rapidly and recorded strong results, including a well-deserved podium finish at Silverstone – impressive for someone in their first full season.”
Trus si Ben Spies bilang gini “My first year in MotoGP has been a great learning curve and for that I have to thank Hervé Poncharal, all the team at Tech 3 and especially my American mechanics who have stuck by me throughout this great journey so far. Having previously been to only four of the ten tracks to date, I have to be pleased with where I am and with having achieved my first podium so soon. I’m especially pleased that Yamaha have recognised the potential in me and given me the opportunity to step up to the factory team so early in my GP career.”
*artiin sendiri ya. Hehehe…

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